Miracle Monday #2 Alysa’s story

We all know what we don’t want to become in life. We don’t want to end up on the side of the road begging for money, we don’t want to end up deadbeat, we don’t want to live out in anger, we don’t want to become A LOT of things. But sometimes, we become one of these things without even realizing it in the process.
During my senior year of high school, I was on the search for the best college to go to for my dream of becoming a Physical Therapist, as well as developing my skills as a track and field athlete. The University of Mary was a standout choice to both me and my family. It was a private Catholic University, had a great program to finish Physical Therapy in 6 years, and an excellent track and field program that believed in my capabilities. I signed my NLI (national letter of intent), and felt like a reborn person as I traveled 10 hours to my first year in universal studies.  
During the first semester (Fall 19-20) I had SO MUCH FUN! I went to parties, I was always hanging around my teammates, I studied here and there, I learned more about the Catholic religion, and I grew as an athlete in every event I competed in. This first semester was a complete transformation of who I was.
And not in a good way. I wasn’t achieving my lifelong goals, rather I was putting myself in situations that would break them away from my thought.
When I went back home for Christmas break, which also included New Years, I realized that I was most excited to drink! I wasn’t excited to see my family, the friends I had had for years and counting, nor the celebration of the Birth of Jesus! My life intent had flipped.
I had become the person I had never wanted to be. I looked for love, enjoyment, and happiness in all the WRONG ways. I looked to flesh for love, I looked to substances for happiness, and I could never find true enjoyment in the things I did. I had forgotten about what God had to offer me.
That next semester I started looking for things I could do to get my life “back on track”. I figured that if I moved away, I would get away from the influence and truly be able to start over. I wanted to make sure that wherever I went I would have positive influence around me. I found a university in southern California called Azusa Pacific University and planned to visit over spring break. I didn’t tell anyone.
The visit was incredible! A private Christian university that not only valued their athletic and academic excellence, but the spiritual transformation of each, individual student. The campus was beautiful, their values were appealing, their education was knockout, and their athletics were on a completely different level of competitive. It felt like God had called me there.
I transferred to Azusa Pacific University immediately after finishing my summer semester at the University of Mary. I made the drive to southern California from the middle of North Dakota in one hall that was a total of 24 hours. I had so much excitement for this new start in my life that adrenalin was pumping in every which way through my body. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire drive.
I am now in my 4th semester at Azusa Pacific University, studying remotely, and I cannot say more positive things about the situation God has led me to. Azusa Pacific University led me to put my trust in God. I started attending chapel twice weekly, church on Sundays, individual Bible studies daily, and I developed a real relationship with God. When I had difficulties I conversated with Him. When I achieved great things, I thanked Him for His guidance. When I questioned His path, I dove into Scripture knowing I’d find answers. I fully depended on God in my life, and because of this transformation I found joy in my life.
I stopped thinking about how boys could make me feel. I stopped drinking to make me feel included and loved. I stopped searching in the flesh for joy, because I realized that I would never find it without God. I was changed in the image of God.
I thank Him every day for leading me down the best path.

My name is Alysa Henry and this is one of my miracle stories.

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