Miracle Monday #3 the Pizoni family’s story

As disciples of Jesus, we understood the purpose of marriage and had a beautiful image of a family in mind, one that would start with the two of us, and then God would grow by gifting us with children. In our plans, we would wait a little bit in order to best prepare ourselves for their arrival.
We thought of finishing our studies, traveling a bit, acquiring certain things and then, we would be ready for the arrival of our first baby.
We married in 2010, precisely, on March 20th at 8:00pm. And like lightning the years flew by. First one, then two, then five and then ten years had gone by.
Around our seventh anniversary, we began to understand something very special from God that we should begin preparing ourselves for a baby’s arrival.
We began to look deep into ourselves, and saw that there were a series of adjustments that had to be made in order to bless our family and children, if these adjustments weren’t made, not only would we suffer, but so would the children that God was to give us.
We began a difficult, painful, slow process to let God fulfill the profound changes within us. These involved our nutrition, finances, education etc.
We thought that soon after our resolution to change, God would send us our first born, but at times we noticed that the changes we had made were more about receiving the child we so desired rather than to glorify God with our lives.
The waiting period began to generate crises, at certain points, we spoke about ‘if’ God would send us children, “would we be good parents?”, would adoption maybe be the way to go, etc…
Then a miracle happened in the middle of the despair and doubt.
At some point, we began to really enjoy God’ presence and we became more sensitive to obey HIS will for us!
We simply began to feel complete, and were overcome by a sense of wholeness.
When my wife and I prayed for kids, it still hurt inside. I cried so much more over wanting a child then I ever did for anything else in my life.
We pleaded with God from the depth of our very being, through sobs, eyes puffy and trembling knees, we made our plea to the Lord.
God brought new things to light and we obeyed, new things like, stepping in the gap for our family members that don’t know Him and praying on their behalf for forgiveness.
In the most special way, we began to “feel” pregnant with a miracle that we did not understand the entire extent of, but was so divine, that it was the sweetest sensation. Almost three months after this, Nai took a pregnancy test and it was confirmed - POSITIVE! Nai is pregnant! Twelve weeks in.
Today our daughter Lola, is five months old. She was born on August 11th of 2020.
From her birth to this day we continue experiencing miracles through this sweet baby’s life. God continually tells us He loves us more than we could ever be capable of loving little Lola, in other words, the greatest love in the world.
May our story encourage you in the waiting, hoping and not giving up on the God working in your life. God is all we’ve always desired.
Even though in some moments we may think kids, houses, jobs, cars or whatever else might complete us, what in fact we most need is God’s presence in our lives.
May God bless you, and may you experience the miracles He has saved for you, and may your life be a miracle story in itself.

With love, we are the Pizoni family, Marcio, Nai and Lola and this is one of our miracle stories.

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