Miracle Monday #6 Sharon’s miracle story

The job that saved a life

I really enjoyed my life as a stay at home mom, it was 1997 and it have been three years since my last job, and I knew it was time to seek work in order to help my husband and support my family. Finding a job was a real struggle, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to work, or even where to look. I was exasperated, tired and frustrated with the process.

I finally decided to hand this situation to the Lord and I said a prayer.
God please just have someone call me, I don’t even need to know them Lord, just have someone call me offering work!”

I said this hoping but not really expecting anything from it, until surprisingly I got a response a couple of weeks later.

I got a call from a man whom I did not know, but that knew my name and wondered if I would like to work for him... as I was on the phone I remember looking up and thinking “wow God really did hear me prayer!”.
It turned out that a friend who knew I was needing a job had told this doctor of my skills and recommended me.

I began work the next week at the Doctors clinic, and had the roll of medical assistant, I spend eight years working there, gaining medical knowledge that other wise I would have never known, and by the end of my time there I had assumed the roll of Patient advocate.

Little did I know that leaving my job would not change my roll

It became clear to me that it was time to move into another season and in 2005 I left my job. In that same year my daughter became ill and underwent more surgeries than any young woman should have to go through. As I went with her from hospital to hospital, waiting room to waiting room, I realized I had something many other people didn’t have.

I knew the medical vocabulary, I myself had been a Patient Advocate at my previous job, and I now had become my own daughters advocate as I realized the medical professionals withholding information, to either not disturb me with the full picture of her situation or for some other reason. I began to speak up and ask questions.

Had I not known what I learn over the eight year period and gained the experience and confidence that I did in my job, I would not have my daughter here with me today. When God gave me that job in 1997, He was not only caring for me, reminding me that He cares and listens to my prayers. He was also saving my daughter in preparing me for what I was to face a long side her.

In 2017 I was again in need of a job, this time not because I didn’t have one, but because the one I did have was draining me. My daughter right before going into another surgery handed me a note she had forgotten to give me. I was surprised to read that it was from my former boss at the clinic, who was wondering if I would like to return. I prayed once more that God’s will would be done and asked Him to show me if I should return or not.  
Of course God listened and showed me what I should do.

I worked there for six months, until they decided to send me to MSU to become a certified Phlebotomist (person who draws blood). And proceeded to work there for around a total of two years until their retirement.

If you remember nothing else from my story, remember this...
Within your heart you can make plans for your future,
but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.
Proverbs 16:9

My name is Sharon Knight
And this is one of my miracle stories

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