Miracle Monday #7 Sami’s miracle story

In 2011 my perfectly normal life was hit with a glitch via my amazing husband. He came to me and said he was ready to step into God’s calling on his life as a church planter, after having attended a Bible study on spiritual gifts. I was supportive as his wife, but knew that I’d rather stay right where we were, furthermore he said that God had laid a burden on his heart for the state of Montana.
Being from Texas I could firmly say that I felt no such thing, my husband, four children and I lived happily where we were, near family and in a community that we knew.
But God had other plans for the Goodman’s, as I was to soon find out.
In 2016 my husband and I went on a vision tour of Montana, and I can honestly say, that was the moment my heart broke for the state, and the burden my husband had carried alone for five years, was now one that we shared.
From that point on we knew where God was calling us broadly, but not specifically. Roughly a year later we were faced with a choice, to either drop everything and go to Montana, or take up an internship opportunity In Jacksonville. In my eyes the internship seemed like that best option, not only would we have to do very little for it to workout, but also we would still be near family, and so the decision was made.

Little did we know it was a poor one.

2017 ended up being the worst financial year for our family of six, we navigated hard times in small spaces but by the grace of God made it through that season even stronger in our conviction that we were in the wrong place.
Soon after my husband was offered another opportunity, this time to help plant a church in another town in Texas, we were exited, but two weeks before we were to make the move, we received a call from the Pastor telling us that he would not be planting the church and was retiring.
Every attempt near what we called home either fell through or was not long term. Our planing and wandering took us everywhere but home.
Then one night, as we sat in our car in an empty gas station parking lot, my husband and I through tears, prayers and brokenness had a revelation.
Though we loved our native Texas and wanted to see the gospel shared in it, our hearts were broken and burdened for the people of Montana, we knew that this was not a burden we ourselves had acquired on our own, but one laid on us by the Lord. And the only way to go now was to surrender our family’s future to Him and wait on His time for the move. In early 2020 my husband went on a men’s evangelistic ski trip, and came back more on fire than ever, I had a feeling that change was on its way. Soon after we received a call from a friend that had said he’d shared my husbands resume with a pastor of a church in Belgrade Montana, and this is when everything we had waited for began to fall into place.
In February we spoke to the pastor on the phone, and felt an instant connection, with that we scheduled a visit in March of 2020.
However unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you probably know where this is going... due to Covid-19 our plans were canceled as the world shut down. Though we felt frustrated, God worked even more on our hearts in that time, and it was in the waiting that God was working.
Finally in June we were able to visit the place we’d maybe, be calling home. The reception was fantastic and as with the first call, we made an instant connection with the people in that campus we’d be working with. And so began the long overdue process of moving.
We saw everything fall perfectly into place as we realized that all of time wandering was not in vain, rather a time that God was providing us with connections and supporters that would be with us in this process either in prayer and or financially, and not to mention providing us with the most beautiful house we had ever lived in before, in august we said our goodbyes with both heavy and expectant hearts.
As a wife and mother of four, my priority is a roof over my family’s head and food in their bellies. When we pulled into our driveway and I saw our house for the first time, I could see God’s masterfully woven plan for us coming together in every detail of that house. I went outside and was surprised to see people of the church arriving offering to help us unload and unpack, and off to the side I saw someone (who I assumed to be my new neighbor) pull into the house next door and start unloading tons and tons of groceries.
The icing on the cake came as a whisper to my heart, it was like I heard God say to me “Welcome Home” as I realized that the person unloading groceries was not our neighbor, and all the food was for my family, God knew that that’s what this mama’s heart needed as reassurance, there is nothing more serene then to know that your family is provided for. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me, and I was overflowing with gratitude, to know we were exactly where we were supposed to be, we really had finally found the home our hearts had been looking for.
If you remember nothing else from my story, remember this..

God uses the waiting period and His timing is perfect!

My name is Sami Goodman and this is one of my miracle stories.

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