Miracle Monday #11 One of our miracle stories

Pray Pray Pray

Radio has been a way of keeping people connected since the 1890’s, it saw the human race through the brightest and darkest of times, wars and days of liberation. It told stories to children on their way to bed, let commuters know what was going on in the world on their daily trip to their respective jobs, sang to those working around the house. Stories, news and music, radio has been an essential piece for a growing community.

In 1959 KGVW AM was born, and was one of the very first radio stations in the Gallatin Valley, with the mission of spreading encouragement through the word of God and music that would lead people into a moment of worship wherever they found themselves. The station grew and over time gained a loyal following, of not only listeners, but of supporters and prayer warriors.
After roughly forty two years of ministry, the time came to move and take a big step. A move like this would take a miracle, due to the lack of funds, having to find a new physical location and transitioning from AM (underground) to FM (line of sight) radio. The station was launched into a time of uncertainty that lasted about a year and a half.
Times like these call for mountain moving faith, faithfulness in the waiting and hope in a God that is able to do far more than we could ever imagine or ask for.

In 2001 the long awaited miracle happened. Through a group of faithful prayer warriors 99.1 FM was born with a mission of reaching the next generation of Christ followers, empowering and uplifting the community. The tag 99.1 was chosen based on the passage of Matthew 18:12-14, how the shepherd left the 99 and looked for the 1, from that came the new brand “The Word, The Music, The One”, this meaning that the station is committed to featuring family oriented and biblically sound programs, music to jam out to, all pointing you to the One, Jesus Christ!

Over the years 99.1 The One has grown, under the leadership of Mark Brashear the radio manager, who deals with sales and is the main spokesperson for the radio when it comes to connecting with supporters and possible sponsors. A locally owned radio station would obviously not be complete without featuring local stories, ShawnMarie the studio manager does just this with her program Community Strong, where she interviews local ministries and movements in order to raise awareness to the needs of the community and highlight the good that is happening in our area and beyond. The newest edition to the team is Camilla Latham (Cami), who is the social media manager, her job is to make sure everything runs smoothly on the different media platforms such as Facebook (99.1 The One) and Instagram (@99.1_theone) as well as the new Website (kcmm theone.org) and app (available for free download in the App Store), with her arrival came the newest feature Miracle Monday, where she interviews people on their miracle stories, those ones that no matter how many times you’ve heard you can’t make sense of, the stories come out on Monday with the aim of starting off your week on a positive note and serve as a reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness wherever you find yourself.
99.1 The One is a miracle in itself, totally listener supported and even pushing through the uncertainty of this pandemic season. Gratitude just seems to fall short when it comes to thanking listeners. This week is the radio’s annual FRIEND-raiser, ending in an event at Calvary Chapel in Bozeman (for more information you can visit kcmmtheone.org and consult the ONE calendar or go to Facebook and reserve your spot at the event) as a way of releasing some of the stress of daily life with some laughs provided by comedian David Dean.

From 99.1 The One to you, our readers and listeners, we are so profoundly grateful for your support wether it is financially or through prayer! We hope to see you on Friday the 16th and to connect with you. We realize times have been tough and we urge you to PRESS ON! Never forget the God we serve, never forget that you are not hidden from Him.
We hope and pray that the encouragement you receive from us, you are able to share with others, and with that we present an invitation.
As a ministry we solely rely on God’s Providence to keep on the air, time and time again He has faithfully provided for our needs in miraculous ways! The invitation is for you to be a part of what God is doing through us for this valley and beyond, you can be a part by giving a once off love offering or by becoming a monthly supporter, as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year the suggested amount is just 20 dollars per month!
Most of all we ask for your prayers, as it is with any ministry there are challenges, spiritual attacks, moments where we wonder if we are even making an impact, and then God comes in and reminds us that “yes we are!” with testimonies from our listeners.
So thank you!
We are 99.1 The One and this is only one of our miracle stories!

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