Miracle Monday #14 Elijah’s miracle story

Fix your eyes

Back in 2018 I was enjoying an afternoon with my family at a park near our home. As we took pleasure in the good weather and pushed our two kids in their double stroller we realized that there was a sign gauging our speed. We decided to have some fun, and began racing each other to see who could push the stroller faster, eventually I decided I wanted to see how fast I could go on my own. To be honest, I just wanted to impress my wife with my “super” speed. I began to run hard, but noticed the sign wasn’t doing anything, I assumed this was because I wasn’t going fast enough, so I gave it my strongest push to go faster.
The next thing I remember was feeling excruciating pain in both my legs, I made it to the sign and used it to hold myself up. Something in me wanted to loose control of my emotions and freak out, however I had just finished recording a video talking about how when we fix our eyes on Jesus we are able to focus on him and not the chaos around us. Clearly it was time for me to live what I was preaching. So I chose to fix my eyes on Jesus and stay calm.
At first my wife thought I was just joking and laughed, but once she realized I was actually hurt she helped me walk the three blocks back to our home.

Previous to this I would often criticize other people’s faith when instead of praying for healing they turned to doctors and medication. That thought, though, would soon be changing.

When we arrived I asked my wife to pray and declare healing over me, but nothing happened. Due to the pain I was in we went to the emergency room to get my legs checked out.
When the doctor examined the backs of my legs she pointed out how bruises were building at the back of my knees. The pain I had experienced was due to a bilateral grade 2 tear in my hamstrings. Thankfully surgery would not be necessary, but she said I would have to do physical therapy in order to rehab my legs. We scheduled my first physical therapy appointment during my visit to urgent care and I limped home.
The next day at church I asked the elders for prayer. They prayed over me, declaring healing and anointed me with oil. After I was prayed for I stood up in faith, believing for complete healing, but once again nothing happened.
I went home and received visits from numerous friends and was prayed over all day, but still did not receive healing.
Later that evening I had a meeting at a friend’s house and when he saw me struggling to take my shoes off, I explained what had happened. Immediately he offered to pray for me. I was happy to be prayed over again, but when nothing happened discouragement started to set in.
We had our meeting and when it was time for me to leave, my friend expressed how he was burdened with the fact that I had still not been healed. So he asked if he could pray for me once again. I agreed and he prayed a simple prayer, asking God for healing.
At this point I had been prayed for ten times and nothing had happened, my faith was shaken and as my friend ended his prayer I put my hand on the table and stood up, more out of unbelief this time than in faith, fully expecting my hamstrings to hurt, and was surprised by God’s grace. As I stood up I realized I hadn’t felt any pain! I proceeded to sit down again and stand but without using my hands as support…with absolutely no pain! I must’ve done around 200-300 squats in the next 40mins as I joyfully tested the miracle.
When I got home and showed my wife she celebrated with me and we thanked God for his goodness in healing me.
Later that week when I met with the physical therapist she confirmed the doctor’s prognosis, however, she was surprised by my ability to walk without discomfort. She could feel both of the bumps on my hamstrings where the tears had been and pointed out the bruising in my knee pits from the bleeding, however they seemed to be have been sewed back together.
Though both my legs had been healed they had not been strengthened and I still had some recovering to do. Because of this, however, my therapist discovered other parts of my body that were out of alignment that, had they not been corrected would have led to more trauma and injury in the future. Not only so, but I also got to build a relationship with my therapist over the next months. God healed me and through His gracious healing power showed me how He works through doctors, as well. Had I not suffered the injury I did, I would not have made a new friend and would not have learned of the other unseen ailments going on in my body.

If you remember nothing from my story, I pray that you’d remember this... our Father is good, He knows what we need before we ask Him. Whether you are in the “Monday” of your life, your marriage, your career, your mental health, etc. I urge you to fix your eyes in Him! Trust that God is able to take you to the “Friday”.

My name is Elijah Scheidler and this is one of my miracle stories.

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