Miracle Monday #17 Gabe’s miracle story

Healed, healing.

I’ve experienced my fair share of healing. From surviving a fractured scull when I was six (read MM #4), to a dog attack and not bleeding out all the times I got a bad cut (which was a lot when I was a kid). This has given me the opportunity to heal and learn that the process of healing takes time. I’ve had the chance to use my story to talk about the miracle of coming back to life, but I had never gotten the chance to watch some experience what I thought was a miracle.
My biggest struggle with my miracle was the fact that I didn’t really remember any of it, I would hear all the time about how blessed I was, and I don’t deny the fact that I am blessed. But if I’m honest, I longed to experience a miracle that I remembered.
Today I want to share the time that God used me for another persons healing. I had heard about people being healed just from a prayer or a touch, and I wanted to experience that.
At the time we had been going through a “test of spiritual gifts” at our church, it was basically something to try and figure out what our gifts were, and when I took the test one of my highest ranking gifts was that of healing. Needless to say I was anxious to see it in action.
About a week later I was at jiujitsu practice with my friends, when everything seemed to freeze, we heard a sickening pop, I could hear someone yell out in pain. When I was able to see what had happened, what I found wasn’t a pretty sight. My friend had dislocated his knee while sparing.
I remember feeling like God was telling me to go and pray over him, right there and then. But I got nervous and didn’t go.
We could all tell that his knee was not at all in good shape, the ligaments were torn and he had to be carried out of the gym.
By the grace of God I was given a second chance to pray for my friend, this time however there were considerably less people around. I went up to him and told him what I understood God wanted me to do for him. He was totally understanding and eager to be prayed over.
I prayed for healing over his knee, the first time nothing seemed to happen and I was a little disappointed. But my friend encouraged me to pray again, so I did! This time he said that the pain felt less intense and told me to pray again.
The third time I prayed we heard a pop, he no longer needed the support of the men that had been holding him up. As he stood and said that he didn’t feel anymore pain!
It happened! I experienced a miracle that I will never forget! God came through and used me, even through my fear and doubt. I could’ve chosen to look at the fact that more people would’ve seen the miracle had I done it when I heard God telling me to the first time. When in reality what I needed to be looking at was the fact that God still used me!
And He didn’t stop there.
Later on that week I was given the chance to help someone else. This same friend I had helped, called me to pray over a woman who had been suffering from back pain for a few days, she had been struggling to work due to it and had asked for prayer. I was nervous, thoughts like “what if it doesn’t work again” went through my mind... and then I remembered that none of it was me, it was all God through me.
So I obeyed and prayed over her, her reaction after the prayer was not what I wanted or expected, she still felt discomfort and went back to her office, I was disappointed and felt like I had failed or maybe lacked in faith. But then a few minutes later she came back, thanking me because she felt absolutely no pain at all. I told that it wasn’t me, rather, God working through me.
If you remember nothing else from my story, I pray that you’d remember this... let yourself be used by God, and take a leap of faith.

My name is Gabriel Latham and this is one of my miracle stories.

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