Miracle Monday: Jesus, I Miss You

Miracle Monday #21 – Joy Hutchinson

A month or so ago, I was serving in the kitchen at church for vacation bible school. Some teen-agers were chucking volleyballs in the gymnasium, which is adjacent to the kitchen. As I was walking through there, I was hit very hard in the left ear! I normally have tinnitus, a ringing in my ears, but this was much worse and I was immediately dizzy and confused.

It was recommended that I go to the emergency room, so my husband drove me. The ct scan showed no injury to my brain, but I definitely had a concussion. The doctor said the only treatment for a concussion is: rest, no tv, no phone or screen time of any kind and no reading! I was ok with the rest and no screen time, but no reading meant no bible time for me! That really pulled the life right out of me.  

As the days went by, most of the concussion symptoms subsided except for the dizziness. I knew that this could hang on for 3 months, even up to a year, but I had so much to do for the Lord and my family! C’mon, this debilitating dizziness just had to subside; ain’t nobody got time for that! But most of all, I missed my bible reading, the most important way God and I visit each day.

One morning I awoke determined not to be dizzy, but was disappointed to find that it was worse than ever, and I wasn’t able to fully engage in what was going on around me. I slowly made my way to my “spot” on the couch with God and cried my eyes out before him. I finally said, “God, I miss you so much since I can’t read your word. I can’t go to church nor serve you or others and I miss that as well. But mostly, I miss YOU in our bible reading together.”

I sighed and prayed, “Lord Jesus, if you would see fit to heal me of this dizziness, because I really miss you.”

I immediately fell asleep, sitting straight up—I was sound asleep, yet could feel a tingling in my left ear, going across the base of my skull. I then awoke and felt prompted to lay down in bed. I laid on my back in bed for about 45 minutes, and then arose to find I was no longer dizzy! And I haven’t been since!

I have returned to serving my church and my family, and am looking forward to going on a mission trip in a few weeks…but best of all I am reading my bible in sweet fellowship with my God and Savior! Jesus healed my dizziness so I am no longer lonely for him!

If you remember nothing else from my story, remember this: Your daily communication with God is linked directly to your time spent in his word, otherwise you are left an empty shell.

My name is Joy and this is one of my miracle stories.

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