Miracle Monday: Surrendering Control

I’m a control freak, I’m an enabler, and I have food issues (what a combination).  It would be so easy if people would just do what I want them to, the way I want them to.  Right?  Now all the other control people like me are shaking their heads, “Yes, I know”.

The problem was…. There were people in my life, who I dearly loved, with addiction issues.  My attempts to deal with this was try and command their attitudes and behaviors to what I thought was best.  That was not working – AT ALL!  I was not dealing with or responding correctly, because I didn’t have the tools.
Being a control freak, it’s exhausting! I wanted to stay in my pajamas, sit on my couch and eat a bucket of ice cream, but that doesn’t look very “in control”.

I could only keep this level of “I’ve got this handled, I’m in charge” for so long before it all started to spin out of control, and came crashing down.  My life was falling apart, and I knew I was reaching my breaking point.  I was in the shower, and I hit my knees.  As the water was washing over me, I felt like the Lord was saying, “Give me the control – I’ve got this”.
I remember relinquishing all of it to the One who holds the waters of the earth in the palm of His hands.  With tears mixing with the water, I surrendered to His plan, purpose and way, “OK- It’s yours – They are yours – Whatever you need to do to fix this, I will survive”.

Just like a shower, Jesus was ready to wash it all away – And I was ready to let Him do what He needed to do in MY life – Not my husband, not my kids, not my co-workers, and all the other people around me.  It wasn’t THEM – Jesus wanted to do a work in ME.

That is when I found the resolve and the strength in the middle of all the chaos to walk into church (Belgrade Alliance) and face my own “issues”.  There was this amazing lady that turned around and asked me, “Are you OK?”  Normally I would give the Sunday morning, “I’m fine (praise the Lord)”, but in a moment of honesty, I replied, “No!”
She told me about an upcoming retreat (that changed my life), and a group that meets there called, “Celebrate Recovery”.

Celebrate Recovery – I’ve been going for 5 ½ years now – we call each other our “forever family”.  Nowhere else, can you sit at a table with 5 or 6 other ladies, who also have hurts, habits and hang-ups and dump all your “junk” and be loved right where you’re at – No judgement, no condemnation, no blame.  My forever family – we do life together. We go on camping trips, clean up garbage off the highway, have meals together – we’re probably the best fed CR group in the country, then there goes the whole food issue thing – LOL!

People who knew me before I started going to CR know there’s something different about me. I’m much more calm, I can think and process through issues better.  The reason is that I have this place that I go to once a week (on Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm at Belgrade Alliance Church).

There are so many people in CR that don’t have necessarily have substance “addiction” issues (but my food addiction group laughs that we meet in the kitchen).  Depression, Anxiety, Pornography, Grief & Loss.  I believe that everyone has a place in recovery – If everyone went to CR the world would be a better place.  It’s where people do what Jesus told us to do – Walk the walk – Talk the talk – Love each other where we’re at without judgement – That’s my miracle.

When your life is out of control or you feel like your life is upside down that’s usually God calling you to dig deeper and find a place of healing.  Everybody has a hurt, a habit or a hang-up.  There’s nothing wrong with any recovery program – but healing comes through Jesus.  If you take HIM out of the equation, you’re sober, but you’re not recovered. So that can be from anything.

Help for the Control Freaks like me: The hula-hoop
I was told to go and buy a hula-hoop, put it in the middle of the parking lot, and stand in it.
You see, every person has their own issues (hurts, habits and/or hang-ups); that could be alcohol, drugs, anger, fear, shame, etc.  What ever is MY issue I was told, “Place it inside the hula-hoop”. 
God can handle what’s inside my circle AND He is the one who can deal with and change my husband, my grown children, family members, co-workers or friends.  I can only control what is in my hula hoop! Everyone has their own stuff in their hula hoop. stay out of theirs and work on what is in yours.

If you remember nothing from my story, remember this: Don’t quit until the miracle happens.

My name is Karla Sutter, and this is just one of my Miracle Stories.

**If you are interested in Celebrate Recovery, you can find a group near you at:  https://www.celebraterecovery.com/ OR if you live in the Belgrade/Bozeman, Montana area Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday evening at 6:00 in the Belgrade Alliance Church. Dinner and child care is provided**

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