Miracle Monday: The Picture That Saves a Life

A picture is worth a thousand words, but an ultra-sound picture can save a life.

A baby’s heartbeat in the womb at just 5.5 weeks looks like a fluttering butterfly.  Ultra-Sound is the window to the womb -- The ability to see that fluttering heart-beat, and witness part of the miracle of life.  The ability to see that baby on the ultrasound screen helps moms and dads connect with their child in utero; and thus make informed and life bringing choices.

For five years Flutter has been sending portable ultra-sound machines to developing countries all over the world.  Countries like Ghana, South Africa, Columbia, India, Costa Rica, Uganda……And we’re not stopping.

The goal is: That every girl from every nation, that has an unplanned pregnancy, has access to a free ultra-sound scan.

Having the ability and equipment to perform ultrasounds on the clients seeking the help from crisis pregnancy clinics is an amazing blessing.  Patients can observe first-hand how God is busy “knitting the baby together in momma’s womb” as God has promised in His word. Ultra-Sound allows clinic workers to “speak the truth in love” as women are able to see that it is in fact a human life, and not just blood and tissue as so many pro-abortion people would have them believe. It is also an invaluable tool to promote bonding with the babies – a vitally important part of human development, which plays a huge part in the babies lives and futures.

As we (The Flutter team) pause to reflect on God’s provision, we’ve received testimonies from pregnancy resource clinics that have been given these ultra-sound machines.  There are thousands of lives that an Ultra-Sound machine saves, these are just a few stories of babies and their mommas whose lives have been forever impacted.
Hope iThemba Crisis Pregnancy Centre in South Africa:
Our crisis pregnancy center was given a portable ultra-sound machine from Flutter.
Last year a very scared 15-year old pregnant school-girl was brought into our clinic by her angry mother.  Mom wanted her to abort the baby, and didn’t want to hear another point of view – She only wanted to see how far along in the pregnancy her daughter was.  But when they both saw a healthy looking and active 14-week old baby moving on the ultra-sound screen – The whole atmosphere in the room changed.
They both saw this precious baby, and the mother calmed down and said, “we will make this work. We cannot abort this child”.

Annabelle from Remnant Generation – Uganda:
After receiving a portable ultra-sound machine a young girl, Rose, came into the center, and wanted to know how far along she was in her pregnancy.  During the ultra-sound the scan showed that the umbilical chord was wrapped around the baby’s neck 4 times, cutting off the oxygen.  This was life threatening to the baby.
We rushed her to the hospital, where doctors performed an emergency C-Section, and were able to save both baby and momma.  

PCC of Hope – Johanusberg, South Africa:
A client came from the Government Hospital after the Termination Clinic had given her a date for her abortion, but she didn’t want to wait.  Mistakenly believing that our clinic performed abortions approached our clinic.
We performed an ultra-sound, and showing clearly on the screen of an 18-week big baby moving.  At first the young woman didn’t want to look at the screen, but after some time, she did look and even asked for a photo before she left.  We are so thankful that she let us know that she is planning to keep her baby.

Each life saved due to these portable ultra-sounds is a miracle.  These 50 machines (and counting) that Flutter Inc has placed in pregnancy resource clinics assists centers to be able to offer the opportunity to their clients which can enable the women to make life-affirming decisions – decisions that they are able to live with for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to help Flutter continue sending ultra-sound machines, provide the supplies needed to operate the machines, and training for the nurses, you can go to: https://flutter-effect.com/

Thank you for making a difference, because a single flutter can change the world.

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